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Reusable, Multifunctional INJECTION Pump and Tools Cleaner

ABAINJECT CLEANER is designed for cleaning pump and injection equipment and for etching cured resin. This product is formulated for flushing and cleaning both polyurethane and epoxy injection resins out of injection pumps and hoses.

Initial Flush:

Pour 4-8 litres of ABAINJECT-CLEANER into clean pail. Purge resin material from pump with ABAINJECT-CLEANER until clean stream of solvent is flowing from output hose. The resin-rich solvent from this phase will need to be disposed of properly. 


Direct the output hose back into the solvent pail and allow pump to re-circulate for 2 -3 minutes. Retain this used solvent for the Initial Flush sequence.         

Final Flush:

Pour 4-8 litres of fresh ABAINJECT-CLEANER into a clean pail. Purge the previously used ABAINJECT-CLEANER from the pump. When a clear stream of solvent flows from the output hose, direct the flow back into the solvent pail and re-circulate for 2-3 minutes. Purge ABAINJECT-CLEANER from pump with low viscosity motor oil for storage. Retain this used solvent for recirculation or final flush sequence.

Reusing: ABAINJECT-CLEANER can be used multiple times. Dispose of ABAINJECT-CLEANER properly once the material is too stained to see through.

  • CFC, FC and Chlorine free.
  • Extremely Effective.
  • Reusable.
  • Frost resistance.

  • Flushing liquid resins from pumps, hoses and other dispensing equipment.
  • Cleaning and rinsing of equipment and accessories.
  • Flushing and removal of various other liquid polymers including EP's, acrylics, methacrylates and polyurethane adhesives.

Physical Properties : FLASH POINT >79°C (175°F)


  • Shelf life: 18 months in unopened original package.
  • Storage condition: should be protected from frost, direct sunlight and moisture. Keep containers in the temperature range between +10°C and +30°C.
  • Packing: Pre-batched 20 kg at Total.

This product is Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame .Keep container closed .Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with skin. If used in confined areas, observe the following precautions to prevent hazards of fire or explosion or damage to the health:

  1. Circulate adequate fresh air continuously during application and drying.
  2. Use fresh air masks and explosion proof equipment.
  3. Prohibit all flames, sparks, welding and smoking.