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Abadgaran Group Office
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Abadgaran Group Factory
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The philosophy of ABADGARAN is concentrating on manufacturing and business of chemical-based products. By customizing the chemical products for the specialized markets like construction industry, development and expansion of knowledge-based products are at top list of our activities.


We have shared specialized and motivated man power energy together with production line based on global updated technologies, and we will follow stable development and evolution in production industry of specialized chemicalproducts from synergy platform created from this effective companion.

In loveable and glorious path of production, we will not only bring creation of stable and profitable development for shareholders and beneficiaries of Abadgaran, but also we have put a serious insight to create a national and international reputable brand in the instruction.

 By approach of creating value and presenting enjoyable experience to the customers, we have considered customization of products for specialized markets such as construction industry and other industries needing knowledge- based chemical products as concentrate point of activities in Abadgaran research and development sector.

Creating growth and continuous improvement experience among Abadgaran man powers and worth seeing this valuable sector among other suggested resources in Abadgaran business has caused team success and group benefits.

We will serve all resources of Abadgran in national development and improvement of country’s economy, and consider global peace and improvement of international relations as an important value.

Meanwhile, as a small member of world productive industries, we commit ourselves to protect the environment and help the improvement of its situation/condition. We do our best to make the earth a better place for living.