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Reaserch and Development

As a part of long term sustainable scientific development plan, ABADGARAN construction chemical group always force to more plunge itself to deal with cutting edge science and knowledge by brightly introducing and instructing joint research based Phd projects for those graduated university talents through assisting national universities. Considering scientific and research affairs in the center of its major development plan and executive processes has always led to bring a high rate of proper training and research based advantages to its managers. Having a highly professional and experienced human resources along with holding a well-developed and competent laboratory facilities, in 2007 the ABADGARAN chemistry, Polymer, nano technology and concrete laboratories were acknowledged as accredited laboratory to the National Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Iran since then every year the further cooperation scopes suitable with its scientific and advanced facility have been improved, so that this center currently under its accredited scopes offer a broad band of major services in the following fields: Concrete chemical additives, all cement types, aggregates, pre-casted concrete, various tile and stone adhesives, asphalt and bitumen, PVC water-stop stripes, and all concrete nondestructive tests. Its persistence over brain software and hardware development in scientific fields related to the knowledge production and materializing it in the quality of manufactured products beside improving its affairs with international scientific centers, science and technology parks and national merit universities; has mediated the company in establishing its research groups in its R&D center, officially certified by Iranian ministry of science, research and technology. Today, these research groups have paved its way through introducing robust research projects to present itself in the fields of the oil & gas, petrochemical, health and beauty care, automotive, tile & ceramic industries. The chemistry and nanotechnology laboratories in ABADGARAN company, engaging most novel and modern knowledge management methodologies, have brilliantly made its lab-industrial internal affairs to be well linked to its mass production lines. As a result of this fact, currently it has ability to design and produce (just in time) of most specified chemical products in a form of (customized production) based upon customers demand. Presentation of precious scientific papers ,patents and improvising of robust factory and national standards related in the fields aforementioned have allowed the researcher to be frequently appreciated and certified in known symposiums and conferences. Attention to the environment in ABADGARAN is flourished in all of its industrials aspects, Applying genius systems for its waste water usage and tasking all researchers to prohibit production and spread of pollutants by strictly making this as a mandatory rule in the formulation designing. However, this attention is ruled until paperless all its administrative processes through adapting an integrated management software. This integrated software which is completely designed by the software branch of the group's MIS unit and is developed proportional to company's growth, is a responder to all necessities of group's integrated management with consideration of ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 standards.
R & D scientific achievement
Achieving license of “TAFSHA “research group from the Iranian ministry of science, research and development.
Selected and certified as best and excellent R&D center by the Iranian ministry of industry, mine and trade.
Selected industrial knowledge based unit approved by the Iranian vice presidency in science and technology.
Selected excellent research unit in Tehran province by the Iranian ministry of industry, mine and trade.
Selected as “best accredited laboratory” and “best manufacturing unit” by national standard institution.
Established as knowledge based company in Science and Technology Park of Alborz Province.
Continuous development in the scopes of assistantship with national standard and industrial research institute under the scope of accredited laboratory.
Continuous development in the laboratories under international standard of ISO/IEC 17025 .
Achieving the license of applying CE European standard marking.
Achieving the international license of Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services OHSAS 18001:2007.
Achieving the international license of ISO 14001:2004 in the environmental field.
Elected as excellent exporter of Tehran province approved by of industry, mine and trade department.
Selected as ‘’ the best and excellent industrial unit in the Tehran province “by the Iranian ministry of industry, mine and trade.
Selected as “the best manufacturing unit ‘in the national symposium of young producers and managers held at the Iranian industry, mine and trade department.
Registered patents of knowledge based products and their industrialization.
Improvising various issues in the national standards.
Wining 1st and 2nd places in the Concrete national championship, three consecutive years, repeatedly.
Implementation of Kaizen (CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT) Management System.
Being Appreciated and awarded in the “ELM TA AMAL” Symposium held by the Iranian vice presidency in science and technology.
Achieving the technological capabilities licenses for the knowledge based products approved by the Iranian industrial and scientific research institute.
Achieving the legal expert license from the national standard institution.
Development of mandatory standard scope for all products subjected to mandatory standard.
Establishment and running polymer, analytical and high-tech pilot and industrial plants.
Mass production for known and most accredited European brand companies.
Membership in the technology to marketing corridor of Iranian NANO center.
Membership in the dozens of professional communities and etc…
R & D Industrial Achievements