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Abadgaran Group Office
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Abadgaran Group Factory
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Factory at a Glance
Abadgaran Exploitation and Production Department due to environmental approaches and provide safe conditions for human resources is divided to 7 parts as below:
Powder production Halls with full automatic lines equipped with ventilation systems and industrial air cleaners.
Liquid and Gelling composition production Halls, equipped with systems of control and monitoring of process.
Resin Mixtures Hall: equipped with Turbodispersor with different abilities and packing extruders.
Water Stop Strip Production Hall: producing different types of water stop from 15 to 50 width with different thicknesses.
Polymer Hall: equipped with reactors for water borne and solvent borne processes in both vacuum and under pressure.
Pilate Hall: equipped with types of half industrial reactors with 7,20,50 and 100 litter capacity for synthesis and scale up resin mixtures.
Print Hall: equipped with effective lines of print on gallons and buckets with vary size and dimensions.
Operational intelligence uses in design of production lines and installation of equipment’s with different capacities have turned the Abadgaran production department to an agile department which can produce different products related to construction chemicals with vary tonnages. Abadgaran’s green approach and special attention to environment is required this group using advanced equipment for absorption and pollutants purification. We are proud of being a clean industrial unit without any environmental pollution. The implementation of factory standards retrieved from high quality systems such as TQM, KAIZEN, 5S, ISO …. Are even progressed to making all of the office processes in a paperless level by integrated management software. Relying on using specified procedures and qualified contractors from NISO (national information standards organization) and the allocation professional groups, all calibration procedures, maintenance and repair of all precision tools is done in Abadgaran group directly. Due to be the knowledge based approach and from science to practice idea, having devices with trail production ability and different capacities and also experienced experts, we have possibility to test the changes and take steps for progress. All this success is the result of ingesting genius human resources and the best graduated from the best domestic and foreign universities and choosing best educational procedures for knowledge promotion.