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ABAFLOOR-32 is a two-component, high solid epoxy based smooth floor topcoat. Its excellent wear, abrasion and chemical resistance properties 
make it suitable for the protection of primed concrete floors in the food industry, industrial and commercial
warehouses, power plants and other locations where a heavy duty, smooth and cleanable floor topcoat is required.

ABAFLOOR-32 resists splash and spillage of a wide range of industrial chemicals and cleaning agents.
It can easily clean from dirt and grease, resisting normal cleaning procedures.


Application Method
Material is supplied in two containers as a unit. Always mix a complete unit in the proportion supplied. 
Once the unit has been mixed it must be used within the working Pot life specified.

  1. Agitate part A with a power agitator.
  2. Combine the entire contents of part B with Part A and mix thoroughly with power agitator.

Mix thoroughly for at least three minutes, scraping the container bottom and side to assure complete mixing.
There is no induction or waiting time required after mixing before application.
The exothermic nature of epoxy setting reactions may cause rapid temperature rise when the
mixture is left massed in a bucket, resulting in high temperatures and loss of utility of the product.

Like all high performance coating, this product must be applied as recommended to obtain the
maximum protection for which this coating is formulated.
Pour ABAFLOOR-32 on the floor and spread using a flat trowel. After 10 minutes, roll the surface with a pin roller to remove air bubbles. 
Apply a minimum of 0.5-1 mm ABAFLOOR-32 normally provides a smooth, high gloss finish after application.
In hot climate, material temperature should be 20 to 25 ºC prior to mixing; otherwise pot life becomes very short.

  • Do not thin for any reason.
  • Do not apply the paint when wind speed is in excess of 7 m/s.
  • Do not apply the paint when surface temperature is below 10ºC.


  • Excellent initial and final mechanical strength.
  • Very good self leveling and flow ability.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces.
  • Excellent water and chemical resistance.


  • Parking and warehouses.
  • Laboratories, Hospitals and Health centers.
  • Aircraft hangars.
  • Food, Beverage, Dairies and Drug Plants.

Appearance : Viscose liquid
Mixing Ratio (A:B) : 4:1 (by weight)
Density (A+B) : 1.5 ± 0.1 g/cm3
Volume Solid : 98±2
Theoretical spreading rate(at 1 mm) : 1 (m2/l)
Bond Strength : > 2.5 MPa (Concrete failure)
Compressive Strength : ~60 MPa
Flexural Strength : ~30 MPa
Tensile Strength : ~20 Mpa

25 kg set.

The shelf life is 12 months if unopened, stored free from frost, moisture and direct sunlight.


This product is Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame .Keep container closed .
Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with skin. If used in confined
areas, observe the following precautions to prevent hazards of fire or explosion or damage to the health:

1-Circulate adequate fresh air continuously during application and drying.
2-Use fresh air masks and safety equipment.
3- Prohibit all flames, sparks, welding and smoking.
MSDS is available at ABADGARAN website.