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ABA WATERSTOP is high grade P.V.C water-stop used to seal construction and expansion joints in concrete structures. It is available in different sizes and types, depending on their use (such as fluid pressure and type of joint). 


ABA WATERSTOP must be installed so that they are securely held in their correct position while the concrete is being poured. The concrete must be fully compacted around the ABA WATERSTOP to ensure that no air holes or porous areas remain. Where reinforcement is present, an adequate clearance must be left to permit correct compaction.

Welding and installation of ABA WATERSTOP shall always be coordinated with mould setting and laying of reinforcing bars for the best results.


  • High flexibility
  • High tensile strength
  • Available in many different sizes and types
  • High quality for long durability (Chemical resistance)
  • Freeze and thaw cycles resistant
  • Easy to weld and join on site
  • Suitable for high water pressure


  • Sealing construction and expansion joints
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Underground structures


Color: Yellow

Tensile Strength (CRD-C 572): 12.5MPa min.

Ultimate elongation (CRD-C 572): 370% min.



Storage condition: should be protected from direct sunlight.

Packing: 20 & 25 meter rolls

MSDS is available from Abadgaran.

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