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Report of Alboraz Science and Technology Park’s site of attendance of Abadgaran Construction Chemicals Manufacturer Co. in the second Exhibition of Creative and Technologic Knowledge- Based Companies

The knowledge based Abadgaran Construction Chemicals Manufacturer Co. as member of Alborz Science and technology Park attended ICT Startups Empowerment and Facilitation Center (ISEFC) on Thursday 11 Oct., attended by Mehdi Faghihi the secretary of IT, Communications and Internet Development Headquarters of President and number of officials in the permanent exhibition of Tehran Municipality specialized exhibitions in Goftogou Park.

The exhibition is categorized in power, electronic, telecommunication and communications, information technology, objects internet, artificial intelligence, macro dada, medical equipment, control, industrial automation and instrumentations, robotic, smart city, smart transportation, agriculture, fishery, gardening and horticulture, animal husbandry oil, gas, petrochemical, lab. equipment, making and manufacturing equipment, advanced materials, advanced medicines, cultural technologies, biotechnology,.....  and attendance of technology services companies was provided to render services to knowledge-based companies such as marketing and commercializing companies, investment companies, export management companies, funds rendering facilities and technology guaranty.

The exhibition was convened with international attitude and the commercial and economic boards of different countries paid visit to the exhibition.