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Head of Industry, Mine and Commerce Org. visit from Abadgaran

Head if Tehran Industry, Mine and Commerce Org. (Mr. Yadollah Sadeghi) paid a visit to Abadgaran Co.’s site accompanied with a team and found more about recent achievement of the company. Long-term of the company is defined in four fields of scientific, industrial, qualitative, and commercial sectors for 7 years. Top managers of Abadgaran believe in keeping continuous relation with academic societies and find developing technological products as a solution to overcome the sanctions. In this regard, the company has redefined its business strategies. Managing Director of the company, (Mr. Majzoub Hosseini (Eng.) emphasized focus on production of Hi-Tech chemical products based on technological innovation. He further pointed out that Iran’s market is 1% of global market in terms of size and therefore, the company has taken steps in last 3 years to enter int’l market by improving and optimizing technical infrastructures and technical knowledge. Eng. Yadollah Sadeghi appraised new achievement of the company as knowledge- based business.
Head of Industry, Mine and Commerce Org. visit from Abadgaran