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Mass production of technologic products initiated in Abadgaran Co.

Technologic products solutions to break the sanctions Link: Donaye Eghtesad Newspaper, published on Saturday (12 May 2012) The top producer of construction chemical products is set to win its int’l market share. In a meeting with IRIB (Iranian state TV) reporters, Majzoub Hosseini, Managing Director of Abadgaran Co. introduced production line of the company in Safadasht Industrial Zone. Founded in 1993 in a small workshop in Sheikhabad region, Karaj, Abadgaran initiated its business by introducing 5 products with annual capacity of 53MT. Currently the company has managed to achieve capacity to produce 143 products up to 33000MT annually. Majzoub Hosseini mentioned customer-oriented policies, demand creation in market, attracting expert staffs and scientists, R&D activities and good teamwork attitudes as the contributing factors of the success. In 2004, the company started new policy for increasing capacity and attracting innovative managers and expert work forces in R&D section. In this way, long term policy of the company is to create value added by generating knowledge. He said at first glance, sanctions tackle economy and industry of the county, though in another sense they are great motivation for economic growth and leading toward knowledge generation and production of technologic products. He added, “Doubtlessly, in absence of the sanctions, there was no motivation for our company to step toward independence. By initiating structural revision, the company is working on several plans including establishment of R&D center in cooperation with Standard Institute and Mine and Industries Org. Moreover, increasing quality of products using Nano technology and Nano-particles is also under consideration.” The R&D center, equipped with latest equipments, has managed to secure Accredited Lab certificate as colleague laboratory to Iran Standard and Industrial Research Institute. The center is one of the critical elements for improving quality of the products. Different types of Nano-particles (e.g. Nano-titanium for paint, rubber, health, polymer industries) are one of our achievements among many. Nano-silica is another latest product of the company. To elaborate utilization of Nano-particles in rubber industry, Majzoub Hosseini mentioned considerable effect of the particles on improving fraction strength and longevity of the products. The company has invested considerable sums of money for equipping its production line with latest technologies for qualitative and quantitative improvement of the products. Mechanization production line for higher quality of product and faster production procedure is also implemented in the company along with measure to improve accuracy level of the products. Along with the news broadcast in state TV, Dr. Meftah (Chairman of the Board of the company) attended the studio and shed more light on production procedure for technological products of higher quality.
Mass production of technologic products initiated in Abadgaran Co. -1