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Extension of Compulsory Standard Mark Application Permit of Concrete Additives for 12th consecutive year

The goal of standard codification is determining the explicit rules and regulations without any ambiguity for improving safety, operations and durability as well as achievement of optimized level of specifications used for conformity of  an expected  product, service or management issues with the expected requirements which results in removal of commercial impediments, development and facilitation of business and relations, and simply making a common understanding between organizations and their business clients.

Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran has determined Compulsory Standards for some of consumers to increase their trust and confidence in quality of the manufactured products. National Standards of Iran under No. 2930-1 & 2930-2 have presented compulsory requirements for concrete additives.

The Compulsory Standard Mark Application Permit/License Extension of Concrete Additives for 12th consecutive year is an evidence for manufacturing quality- based products in Abadgaran Construction Chemicals Manufacturer Group.