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A high grade easy to handle integral waterproofing admixture for both waterproofing and concrete corrosion protection using unique nanotechnology to chemically modify the cement matrix by reacting with the cement paste to reduce pore & capillary size. The reaction between NANOPROOF and cement paste produces a non-soluble crystalline structure throughout the pores & capillaries permanently sealing the concrete.

The substrate should be clean and sound, free of dust, loose particles, grease, oil, primers from previous membrane systems or bitumen. The substrate must be prepared by suitable mechanical preparation techniques such as high pressure water jetting, wet sandblasting, wire brushing etc. and properly pre-wetted to a saturated surface dry condition. Spalled concrete should be repaired by cutting out to sound concrete. Cracks, holes and honeycombs must be repaired and patched with E.M.SuperRepair prior to application.

  • Penetrates deeply and seals concrete’s capillary tracts and shrinkage cracks.
  • Becomes an integral part of the concrete.
  • Completely effective against high hydrostatic pressure.
  • Protects from waterborne corrosive agents.
  • Protects concrete and steel rebar from deterioration.
  • Seals minor shrinkage and hairline cracks.
  • Allows the passage of water vapor from the inside of the structure (the concrete breathes).
  • Easy to apply.
  • Approved for use in contact with potable water.


  • Construction joints .
  • Sewage and waste water treatment tanks .
  • Structures below the groundwater level and subject to water penetration.
  • Tunnels.
  • Foundations.
  • Concrete pipes.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Aquariums.
  • Manholes.
  • Elevator Pits.
NANOPROOF should be applied in 2 flood coats (wet on wet) at an application rate of 0.4-0.5 liters/m2 per coat. It may be applied by roller, brush or portable knapsack spray. Application should be done first to the wall and then to the floors.


 Translucent liquid

pH Value

 (10% Conc.) 13.5

Chloride Content





  • Keep moist NANOPROOF treated surfaces for a period of 24 hours starting with fine water fog spraying the day following the completion of  NANOPROOF applications and dehydration should be prevented.
  • PACKAGING: 20 kg plastic containers.
  • STORAGE & SHELFLIFE: The shelf life is 12 months if unopened, stored free from frost, moisture and direct sunlight.
  • TECHNICAL SERVICE :  The Abadgaran International Technical Service Department is available to assist you in the correct use of our products and its resources are at your disposal entirely without obligation.

NANOPROOF is alkaline, use protective gloves. If gets into eyes clean out with water immediately, and contact a physician. MSDS is available from Abadgaran.